The New York Times’ “Handsomer and Handsomer Enough” collection is one of the most versatile, stylish, and comfortable women’s lifestyle footwear to hit the market.

Now, the brand has a full-length collection that’s tailored to every woman’s style, from her toes to her hips.

With the New York City collection in tow, Hurley (who is married to the actor Will Smith) and Spade (who plays Spades mom in “Horns”) explain how they created the footwear that makes the brand “the best it can be.”

In this week’s installment, they talk about the “Halls” collection’s inspirations, the history of the brand, and the way Hurley uses the sneaker to be her “handsome and beautiful enough.”

Hurley also shares some tips on creating the perfect pair of socks, including the difference between a “crispy” sock and a “sock that just sits on your feet.”

“I think it’s important to understand how sneakers work, how they fit and how to create something that’s really unique,” Hurley said.

“I can see the similarities between the shoes.

It’s a shoe that’s just comfortable.

There’s no way that I could put a pair of shoes on my feet that I didn’t feel comfortable with.

And that’s where the design and the design philosophy comes in.

So, that’s what I do with every single pair of Sling, and that’s how I think about everything.

I really think about that.

The shoe is just a shoe, but I love the way it feels.”

For the “Sling” collection, Hurry and Spades opted for two colors—a burgundy and black—and two textures.

Hurley told us that the burgundy is her favorite color, and she said she’s “always wearing it.”

“The color is just so perfect,” Hurry said.

The burgundy Sling is a blend of burgundy, pink, and turquoise, with a soft, shimmery finish.

The black Sling features a medium-dark color scheme with an intricate pattern that is reminiscent of suede, and is a perfect balance between classic comfort and modern fashion.

The “Hills” collection was designed with Hurley in mind.

The shoes are “built for style,” Hurleys creative director told us.

“It’s the most luxurious and comfortable Sling I’ve ever seen.

The heel has a nice toe box and the toe is so smooth.

It feels amazing on your foot.

And it’s a good fit, too, because the shoe is comfortable.”

Hurleys collection includes two pairs of socks in the Sling collection, as well as a pair that features a soft midsole and a cushioned upper.

The Slings look to be the most comfortable socks available today, and they feature a “vibrant and sophisticated color palette” that is “designed to be worn year round,” Hurries creative director added.

Hurleys socks are “a very contemporary and feminine choice for women.”

The new collection features six new styles and seven shades, and each of the socks features three different materials and five finishes.

The collection comes in three sizes: 5-1/2, 5-2/3, and 5-3/4.

Hurry shared the “Wishlist” color palette that features the “Garden of Eden” and “The Garden of Eden II” socks in each color.

Hurries Sling Collection is available now through, Hurleys online store,, and Hurleys’ social media channels.

Hurlers Sling and Hurley are now available in New York and Los Angeles.

Hurles is also launching a new product line in October: “Homes and Homes,” a line of sneakers inspired by the designer’s home life.

“The new Sling line is called ‘Homes & Homes,’ and it’s inspired by my lifestyle,” Hurles said.

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