Drop ships are not uncommon.

But this one is unique and a little bit crazy.

This one is a real drop ship.

It is the size of a small boat and about 15 metres long, according to the Guinness World Records.

The boat was built in a single day in the US, by a man named Kevin Mardis.

Kevin Mardes boat is the longest vessel ever constructed, according the Guinness Book of World Records, but it is actually made out of plywood.

It was a prototype, designed by a local engineer, and built on a small island off the coast of Maine.

A small drop ship has never been built before.

It’s a little known fact that drop ships are used for transporting passengers and cargo around the world.

There are currently over 4,000 drop ships operating around the globe.

Drop ships are usually operated by a single company that uses a combination of drop ship and charter boat.

They are usually designed for short-haul voyages, but can be operated on longer journeys for long-haul cargo.

They’re used mainly for small-scale container ships that carry goods for a number of companies, including oil companies, airlines and hotels.

The world’s largest drop ship, the Titanic, was built by the US based steamship company Titanic.

The Titanic was built as a passenger ship in 1854, the year after the US entered the First World War.

In the late 19th century, the company that built the Titanic began to sell cargo to the British East India Company and other European companies, mainly shipping companies.

A ship is built by a team of people, who usually assemble a design and build a boat.

The construction of the vessel takes months and sometimes years.

The ship is usually equipped with a crew of between 15 and 20 people.

The ship is then sent to a dock where the people who work on the ship take a break and relax.

The crew then gets to work on assembling the ship’s cargo, such as coal, oil and salt, that is loaded onto it.

The crew then unloads the cargo and heads to another ship where it is transported to another port for a long journey.

The process takes months.

The next step is for the ship to be put into service, which usually takes around 10 days, according Topps.

This is the end of the journey.

A crew then takes the ship back to its original dock and prepares it for a journey back to port, to start a new voyage.

The final voyage is usually a long one, but there is always some downtime.

The cargo that was loaded onto the Titanic was used to ship goods from Europe to the United States.

It is a trade that took place for many years.

The most famous drop ship in the world is the Titanic.

The vessel, which was built to carry cargo, reached New York in 1912.

This was a huge loss for the British economy, but also for the American one.

The first passenger ship to reach New York, the Royal Navy’s Royal Navy steamships, carried nearly 50,000 tons of cargo in 1917.

In the 1920s, a drop boat was also built by British businessman, William Henry “Biddy” Hill, for the first time.

Biddy’s ship, HMS Titanic, carried about 15,000 passengers.

It was not until the 1950s, when Biddy was awarded a prize for the invention of the drop ship by the International Maritime Bureau in London, that the drop boat came into use.

The drop ship that was built at the time was known as the Titanic-style.

It had a large boiler, which caused it to sink when the vessel was full of cargo.

The Biddy Hill drop ship is now in storage, along with a variety of other vessels that were used by the British Navy during World War II.

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