The Japanese city of Tokyo is not the only place in Asia where people have a ‘hermite lifestyle’.

In Japan, there is a long history of people living in their caves, or at least that’s what many people have been saying for years.

In the past few years, people have started to realise there are different lifestyles in Japan, and that some people do enjoy the ‘hermeneutic’ lifestyle.

There are people who do not like public transport, people who like to go camping, people that like to take their pets to the zoo, and there are people that live their lives on their own.

For some people, it is an escape from the stresses of life in the city.

When a Japanese woman in her early 50s visited a local cave, she was shocked to discover it had been a popular hangout for her for decades.

“I came here for some time but when I first went there, it was just empty,” she said.

Ms Kato was born in Kyoto and moved to Tokyo in 1980 to study law at the Kyoto University of Law.

After completing her law degree, she moved to Osaka, and after studying there, Ms Kato got a job in the public prosecutor’s office.

Then she moved back to Tokyo and started her career in law.

At first, Ms Shino said she was amazed at how popular the cave was.

But when she started going there, she said she noticed people were not staying there for the experience.

She said she started noticing other tourists taking up the lifestyle.

“They are not only going there to do their ‘hermetic’, but they are going there for some other reasons, too,” she told

It’s a different kind of lifestyle, and Ms Katori is not alone in her observation.

A couple of years ago, a group of young men in their 20s came to the cave to have fun and get away from the city, while other tourists were staying there.

The cave has been a haven for Japanese men since at least the 1920s, when it was used as a hideout by Japanese women.

They were known as ‘the women of the cave’, and are believed to have lived in the cave for decades, living in the underground tunnels and sleeping in caves.

While the caves were originally used for prostitution and drugs, the women have since become a source of income for the community.

Some locals say it is a shame that people from outside Japan are coming to live in the caves, and say they feel unwelcome.

Kurokawa said people from Japan often come to the caves to relax, to visit, and for recreational purposes.

“It is a big tourist attraction,” she added.

People are also drawn to the atmosphere, as the atmosphere is often calm and peaceful.

One of the main reasons people are attracted to the lifestyle is because it is safe, she explained.

“You can do things like go to the mountains or go to sea, and you can enjoy yourself in peace,” she explained, explaining that the people of Japan do enjoy nature.

“But it’s dangerous.

You can get hurt if you are not careful.”

She added: “If you don’t have a good reason to stay, then it is hard to find someone to stay with.”

One person who does enjoy the lifestyle says he is not surprised by the negative response, however.

According to Yoshio Morita, the founder of the Tokyo-based Japanese Society for Cave Climbing and the Director of the Japanese Society of Cave Climbers, there are a lot of people who feel it’s not safe.

His organization has been hosting “hermit hunts” in the Japanese city for the past five years, where he has organised a group to look for people who are interested in going into the caves.

“In the early days, I didn’t think it would get so popular, but people have come here from all over the world and there have been lots of visitors,” he said.

“There are so many people, but it’s still difficult to find a group that wants to go.

And we are still finding people who don’t feel comfortable going into caves, so we have to go out and find more people.”

The caves are full of tourists, who come to relax in the dark and stay in the shadow of the mountains, he said, adding that it is difficult to keep track of how many people are visiting the caves every year.

He added that the Japanese society for cave climbing is hoping to set up a special event this summer to highlight the existence of the underground caves and to raise awareness about the hazards.

“We are also going to have a special festival this summer called the Japan Day Cave Hunt,” he added.

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