The Disney-Pixar acquisition was the biggest news of the year and the one that left millions of people in the UK, France and the US stunned.

It marked the end of a decade of growth in the industry and the biggest corporate deal in history.

The deal was hailed by some as a big-time coup for the entertainment industry.

It was the first time the Disney name and icon had been integrated into a video game franchise.

The announcement brought to an end years of anticipation for the blockbuster.

The film was an instant hit and, with it, the life of a game industry veteran.

What was it about?

Pixars biggest hit, Monsters University, is now in its ninth year and was released in October 2018.

The story of a group of students who must defeat a giant creature to save the day.

It is a movie you have seen countless times before but it is also a game that took you on a journey through the history of video games, from the early days of gaming to the arrival of the next generation.

What were the other major deals?

The purchase of Pixar by Disney brought in a slew of other brands, including Activision Blizzard, who brought in the hit Call of Duty franchise.

In December 2018, Microsoft also bought Halo for $4.1 billion.

In 2018, it acquired Skype for $7.9 billion.

Last year, Netflix bought a third of HBO for $11.9 bn.

Why was it so big?

Over the past decade, the entertainment world has seen a massive change.

Entertainment has become a business, and in turn, video games have become a global business.

With the Disney acquisition, there were two things that had to happen to keep it alive.

First, the companies had to sell their intellectual property to the highest bidder.

Disney had already done this with Pixar, but the deal required it to also sell the intellectual property.

That meant that the Pixar name would no longer be associated with video games in the United States.

Instead, the company would be part of a broader entertainment brand.

The second requirement was that the game studios have to keep developing new titles.

For decades, video game developers had been developing the next great game.

In this era of big-name games, there was only one way to get there.

The big studios would be the ones that built the next big game.

So, when Pixar bought Pixar in 2019, it was a clear signal that the industry was about to change.

What about the deal’s impact on the industry?

With the purchase of the Pixar intellectual property, the studio had the ability to do the same thing in other entertainment businesses.

For example, the Disney brand was not tied to any one particular game franchise and Pixar could use its creative expertise to help create new franchises for other brands.

Pixar also helped create an ecosystem around the Disney intellectual property that could help other brands get into the game business.

 What does this mean for gamers?

At first, it seems like the acquisition will have a very limited impact on game sales.

There are a few big reasons why.

The first is that the games that are released by the Pixar-owned studio will be a bit of a gamble.

They will be very different from those that are developed by the studio that purchased it.

The Pixar games, which are based on the Disney character designs, will be made in a studio in New York City, but they will be developed and marketed in LA, Tokyo, London and Shanghai.

This means that there will be little difference between the way the game is made and how the game sells.

There is also the fact that many of the games being made for Disney’s new studios will not be as commercially successful as the ones being developed for the Pixar studios.

The second factor is the sheer amount of money that will be spent on the games.

The Disney acquisition has given Pixar a lot of money, but it will not make much money on the same scale.

For the studios to make a profit on their games, they will need to produce as many games as possible and release as many titles as they can.

They need to sell enough titles to get enough games into the hands of consumers and to generate enough revenue to cover the costs of the studio’s next game.

When will it happen?

In 2020, Disney will sell Pixar to Disney.

Pixar will continue to develop and publish new games for other studios.

They’ll also work on new game concepts.

Disney will also keep Pixar’s intellectual property and the rights to the Pixar names in the Disney Entertainment brand, and it will use that name and intellectual property in other new products.

Will there be more games made by Pixar?

There are currently three games currently in development by Pixar: The latest entry in the highly successful film franchise, Toy Story.

A new Pixar-created property that will have its own movie, Pixar: Adventures in Science Fiction.

Another Pixar-developed property that is also in development: Disney

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