The next NFL draft could be a wild one.

That’s because of what we learned from a draft preview show hosted by the late, great Jerry Rice.

It’s been a few years since Rice was in the NFL, but he’s still one of the best ever.

This is his best draft preview of all time.

He knows how to put the most players on the field and then, if necessary, take away a few.

So, for example, he took away an offensive lineman from the Tennessee Titans, then replaced him with a linebacker.

That could have been a disaster.

But he’s a genius at what he does.

His NFL Draft Previews are a must-listen, because he’s the best in the business.

So listen in.

I’ve put together a guide to this draft.

It will not be easy.

This will be an extremely deep draft, but you can do a lot of things.

I’m going to tell you why.


You can draft a tight end, and the Seahawks have one: Jared Cook is a good, big-bodied, explosive tight end with good speed and power.

He could go in the third or fourth round.


You don’t need to take a running back, because you can take a wide receiver, a linebacker, and a cornerback.

There’s nothing you can’t do in the first three rounds.

You’ll be surprised at how much you can find in the second, third and fourth rounds.


You have the best draft-day depth chart in the league, and you don’t have to worry about the Seahawks going back to last year’s team in the draft.

That makes for an excellent draft.

I also have an idea why the Seahawks could be looking to move up to draft one of their own.


You get to do it all.

You will be able to take your pick of anyone in the top 10, and it will be your chance to win the Super Bowl.


You might not be able for some reason, but I am 100 percent certain you will get a top pick in the middle of the first round, and if you do, you’ll get a player who is the perfect fit for the Seahawks.


You also get a chance to see what a draft class looks like without draft day drama.

You see the best players on a draft day.

You’ve been paying attention.


You never have to wait on the draft board.

You know what’s in it, and that’s it.

You just get to pick the best player available at the time.


The draft is unpredictable.

No team wants to go to the draft with the worst team in football.

But you can be sure that this draft will be one of those rare drafts that can turn around and end up with the best team in history.


This draft is loaded with talent.

I am so happy that I was able to see the Seahawks draft their own team.

This was a tremendous draft and I’m so proud to be an Insider.


I think the Seahawks will get their pick, but they’ll be in for a long, long time to come.

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