When it comes to fashion and footwear, sneakers are a staple in many people’s lives.

And they are definitely a staple for many others as well.

So what should you expect when it comes time to buy sneakers?

Here are some of the most popular brands to look for in 2019. 


Adidas Originals “We’re a global brand and our brand is synonymous with sneakers.

In 2018, we celebrated 20 years of our global heritage and continued our global expansion by launching our first brand in Brazil.

We now have over 50 global brands across multiple brands and we’ve expanded to a growing list of countries.”2.

Nike “In 2019, we have launched the Nike Originals brand in the United States and are proud to be part of the Nike family.

We’re proud to have created iconic silhouettes for more than 25 years and continue to explore the possibilities of what can be achieved with a new platform.

We look forward to expanding into new markets, including China, India, and Latin America.”3.

Nike “We’ve been making sneakers for almost a century and we are proud of the passion and dedication that our team has for footwear.

In 2019, Nike will launch the brand with the Nike Air Max 1.0 and Air Max 3.0.”4.

Reebok “We are excited to celebrate 20 years in the business of sneaker manufacturing.

The Reeboks brand continues to grow and expand globally, with the Reeboches brand, which is a joint venture with Adidas, making sneakers with our own signature elements.”5.

Nike Origins “We celebrate 20 consecutive years of innovation and we look forward in 2019 to delivering an extraordinary collection that will set the benchmark for sneaker-inspired footwear and apparel for many years to come.”6.

Reemos “In 2019 we are excited by our partnership with Reemoches to bring the ReemOS sneaker to market.

The reemos collection of shoes is the pinnacle of the Reems sneakers.

It’s our flagship collection and we’re excited to bring it to the world.

Our goal is to be the number one shoe brand for the next 20 years.”7.

Reel Max “The ReelMax is one of the first sneakers ever made for the NBA, and we continue to build our business.

The shoes have been a hit with fans for over 20 years and we feel like we are ready to move to the next chapter in our family.

Reeling Max is our flagship sneaker brand, and ReelMAX is a world leader in athletic footwear.”8.

Nike Zoom “We will continue to expand into new territories in 2019, and in 2019 we will introduce the Nike Zoom series of sneakers.

The Nike Zoom shoes are designed for athletes with specific needs, from the latest trends to the best in performance.

The first pair of the Zoom series will be released in 2019 and will be available in select markets across the world.”9.

Repertoire “The Nike Reper toire sneaker is the latest evolution in Reperoires iconic silhouette.

This is the next step in Repertories innovation and execution in the shoe space.

Repertoire has been a top-selling brand in Europe for more that 20 years, and the Repertores innovative sneaker design has captured the attention of fans and athletes around the world since its inception.”10.

Reeses “We have a strong heritage of innovation in footwear.

Reesses footwear has been making footwear for over 50 years and continues to expand globally.

We are proud that Reessers heritage is still intact, and that we are continuing to grow our global footprint.”11.

Nike Sportswear “The next generation of Nike footwear is poised to make waves and redefine the world of sneakers.

Nike has reinvented footwear for generations to come and is now looking to continue its evolution.

Nike’s new Nike SportSwear collection is the most innovative in the world, and Nike is thrilled to continue to work with Rees and the company to create a signature sneaker that will be seen by athletes all over the world for decades to come.

Resole is proud to continue working with Reess to create Rees shoes in the future.”12.

Reeves “In 2020, we are expanding to the UK and Ireland, where we will offer the Reese sneakers for women and men.

Reeyes shoes are a classic and a classic style, with a timeless feel.

We’ll continue to make the Reey shoes with a global focus.”13.

Rexy “In 2018, Rexy became the first footwear brand to launch a global range with the release of Rexy shoes in London, the first time footwear has launched in a major city in the UK.

The brand has been delivering shoes to customers around the globe since 1995 and has been an influential force in footwear for the last 25 years.

In 2020, Rezy will be expanding globally to more than 40 countries with the launch of the new Rexy Sneakers range. 14.

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