When Donald Trump takes office, he’ll inherit an administration with an international reputation for belligerence, reckless spending, and a disregard for American interests.

That’s the legacy of the president’s first term, and it will have lasting consequences.

A decade ago, President George W. Bush’s administration, after taking office, used its leverage to force through a deal with the Taliban to end the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan and bring democracy and stability to the country.

In Iraq, after 10 years of U.N. peacekeeping, the Bush administration was forced to negotiate a deal that gave the Iraqi government control over the country after Saddam Hussein was toppled.

The Taliban took over the capital of Kabul after that deal expired in 2007.

Trump’s administration will have to make similar concessions in the region, even as he tries to renegotiate a peace deal with Iran.

While it’s unclear whether Trump’s policies will lead to a more peaceful or more stable Middle East, there’s no denying the fact that the Bush era is a dark and dangerous one.

The Bush administration also imposed a brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters, including the Uighurs, who made up the largest Muslim minority in China, and Uighur activists and journalists.

The United States has been accused of engaging in a campaign of intimidation and repression against these people and others.

There are few things worse than the idea that one day, the United States will be a party to a new conflict.

But while the current administration has been criticized for some of its foreign policy moves, such as a planned missile defense system and a plan to arm Ukraine’s armed forces, the policies of Bush and Obama are largely responsible for what is happening today in the Middle East.

What happens now will determine whether or not the Bush legacy is better than that of his successor.

Bush The Bush era was defined by his use of military force to get his way, and by his reckless pursuit of an ambitious domestic agenda.

His administration launched an aggressive, multilateral campaign to dismantle U.C.I.P. and impose economic sanctions on Iran, then went on to support the coup in Iran that toppled Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in 1979.

Bush launched a preemptive attack on Iraq after the invasion, and he pushed the United Nations into a resolution that demanded the release of U,N.

hostages held by the Iraqi regime.

The U.K. government also launched a campaign to remove Saddam Hussein from power, and the U,S.

launched airstrikes against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The war that followed was a devastating blow to Iraq’s economy, and after a year in power, Saddam Hussein fled to Iran.

In the Middle Atlantic, the administration took the lead in creating a massive network of prisons in the United Arab Emirates, and then in dismantling the Palestinian Authority.

It also made the Saudi monarchy a pariah state, and in the years that followed, it supported a succession of Islamist dictatorships in Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen.

While the Bush Administration did little to combat the spread of terrorism, the legacy was marked by an expansion of the U.,S.

military footprint in the world, a surge in U.SR. aggression, and more and more aggressive U.A.E. foreign policy.

Obama The Obama administration’s foreign policies are much more restrained, but there are still signs of a more aggressive posture, especially in the realm of the Middle Eastern conflict.

Obama has taken the lead on combating ISIS and al-Qaida, but he’s not as active in promoting the peace process in the Gulf.

Instead, he has backed the Israeli government’s policies toward the Palestinians, and has backed Saudi Arabia’s brutal war against Yemen.

His policies in the Persian Gulf have made a mockery of the administration’s initial attempts to engage with Iran, and even though he has a reputation for being an optimist, his administration’s aggressive actions in the past year have been a severe disappointment.

The Trump Administration, in contrast, is likely to be more restrained in its approach to the Middle West and more assertive.

Trump will inherit a government that has made it clear that it believes it is the leader of the free world, and that it will use that position to advance the American economy and foreign policy goals.

The first major foreign policy decision he will have is whether to continue U.R.

Os. in Iraq and Syria.

Obama took the U.-S.

withdrawal from Iraq to be a victory for the Iraqis, and to help the U-S.

secure the future of Iraq.

Trump, however, has said that he is willing to renegotiat the terms of U.-R.O.s in Iraq, but only if the Us. withdraws its troops.

If Trump takes this course, he will be making an extremely difficult decision.

The second major foreign strategy for the Trump administration is the war in Afghanistan.

Trump has already taken the first major step toward ending U. S. involvement in the war,

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