Adidas is the world’s largest footwear brand with an annual sales of more than $2 billion.

The global sports shoe company is working to build its eSports brand and to bring esports to the masses, but it has long been an investor in gaming.

Adidas recently announced a $1 billion investment into Gaming, Entertainment and Entertainment Technology, or G-Tech, an independent gaming development studio that will work on games like “League of Legends.”

The $1.1 billion round is the first of its kind, and comes as the gaming industry has exploded in popularity.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Adidas said that it has invested in more than 1,000 games and esports companies since 2014.

Its focus is primarily on developing gaming platforms that help developers create high-quality, high-impact gaming experiences, which is the foundation for the new “Drama” line of sneakers, which it said will be “a premier gaming experience.”

“Adidas is committed to supporting the gaming community and supporting the companies that help develop and market games and gaming content, including gaming studios, developers, publishers and distributors,” Adidas said in a statement.

“Our investment in G-tech will allow us to support the eSports community and help developers build games that appeal to fans, gamers and consumers around the world.

We look forward to continuing to work with them.”

The announcement came just a few days after Adidas announced it would acquire the rights to develop and distribute the “Halo” video game franchise, and that it would be a subsidiary of Microsoft.

G-Tech has been working on the “League” franchise since 2014, and the company was the only one of the three partners who worked on the game.

The other two partners are Ubisoft and Warner Bros. The “League,” which is based on the popular “Call of Duty” series, was originally developed at Bungie Studios, a studio located in Santa Monica, California.

Adida’s announcement came days after the company announced that it was acquiring the “Black Ops” franchise, which has been developing a mobile app called “Masters of the Universe,” for a reported $2.5 billion.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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