JAPAN — Japan’s hot new house is the Yakuza family home at 528 Hachi, according to a new report from Forbes.

The five-story home, which sits just over a mile from Tokyo’s Yakuzawa Station, was built by Yakuzan Construction in the late 1980s.

The home was designed by Japanese architects Suntory for a $2.2 million price tag.

The interior features an impressive dining area and large bedrooms that include a bath and a large closet.

The house has three bedrooms and one bathroom, as well as an open-plan living room and an open kitchen.

The dining room features a large Japanese steak knife.

The kitchen features a stove top and large countertops.

The main living area features a massive living room, a private living room with a fireplace, and an outdoor terrace.

The Yakuzians home, located just a short distance from the central Tokyo subway station, has been praised for its spacious living and dining rooms, and the spacious living room has a massive kitchenette with a large range of appliances.

The owner, Yakuzo Yoshida, told Forbes the house is his dream home.

“I always imagined my dream home to be this big and this large.

But I also like the fact that the house has so many amenities.

I also love the fact the owner is so knowledgeable,” Yoshida said.

The current owner of the house, who has not yet been named, has not commented on the report.

The story has not been updated.

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