Waterbury, Vida – It’s a Friday night at the apartment complex where Dara is being treated for a rare genetic disorder that causes her to lose her appetite, have frequent diarrhea and develop a rash.

She’s been vomiting, not eating or sleeping.

It’s a Saturday afternoon at the house where her mother, Michelle, is also being treated.

Michelle has been battling a stomach bug.

The house is empty and Michelle’s sleeping on the couch.

It’s Dara’s birthday.

Michelle says the couple is not being together but she’s in an induced coma.

She can’t leave the house.

Dara’s father, Daniel, has been with Michelle for the past few days.

He says Michelle’s condition has become more pronounced and she’s losing weight.

He says Dara has been asking for the couple’s help.

Michelle, now 50, says she’s exhausted by the strain of caring for her daughter.

She says she has no idea what will happen to her.

She is concerned about her mental health.DARA: She can see me, I can see her, but she doesn’t see me.

I don’t know what I’m going to do.

She needs me.

Daniel says Dina is now in a coma.

Michelle’s father says she feels helpless.

Daniel says Michelle has to be with Dara to help Michelle.

Michelle says she doesn ‘t know what she can do.

Michelle’s mother says Michelle and Dara have become more close over the past couple of months.

Daniel explains Dara and Michelle have had problems in the past and they both think Dara will make it through this.

Michelle and Michelle are still in the hospital.

Michelle is in a state of shock.

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