Jodi Avendano Arias and her husband, former NFL player Darren Arias, have been divorced for more than a year.

Now they are living together, and Arias is talking openly about what she was going through before she got divorced.

In an exclusive interview with “The Tonight Show” on Friday, Arias said she has struggled with depression, and she is still working through it.

Arias spoke about the challenges of separating from her husband.

“We had this great life together,” Arias told “The Late Show.”

“But I couldn’t be there for him anymore.

It was like, ‘What are you doing?

You don’t want to be there with him.

You don�t want to do this.

He is sick.’

And I didn�t feel like I was doing anything.”

Arias said that while she was dealing with the emotional trauma, she had to learn how to live life as a single mother.

“It was kind of like, `Oh my God, what am I going to do?’

But you have to find a way to live it and do it,” Aria said.

“You have to have a purpose and have a vision for the future.

And I felt like I had no direction in my life.

It wasn’t my life anymore. I couldn�t see a future, and I couldn���t see anything.

It just wasn�t me.”

Arios said she was in a good place when she got married to Darren.

She said she didn�ts remember much about her life before the divorce, but she does remember the day they got married.

She said she is grateful to have her children with her.

“I am happy to have children and have them with me and support them,” Arians said.

“They are all good people.

They are good people, and they love me and want to make sure that I don�ts get depressed.

I want them to be happy, and to know that I am not alone.

I am happy and I am proud to be with them.”

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