I recently had the opportunity to participate in a “The New Year’s Sling” at the National Sports Medicine Society of America (NSSMA) annual meeting.

It was the second time I had the chance to participate.

I’d been a fan of the program for a long time, and it was always an honor to attend a special event like the NSSMA meeting. 

But what was particularly special was the opportunity for me to work with some of the best athletes in the world to teach them how to be a great athlete.

It took a little more than a few minutes to get started, but once I started, I couldn’t get any more excited about the opportunity. 

The first thing I noticed is that this is an extremely powerful program for everyone. 

First off, it’s a good place to start.

It’s not for everyone, but everyone can benefit from it.

I’m not sure I could have put this program together without the help of the NBSM, and that’s why I’m so excited to share it with you today. 

I want to start by saying I don’t have the resources to share this information on a daily basis, so I encourage you to take a look at some of my other blogs, such as The Biggest Muscle Stories and The 10-Minute Workout. 

However, I also want to point out that this program is also designed for a wide audience, and I’d love to hear from you. 

Here are the things you can expect to find on the Sled or Extra program: A great workout program designed specifically for bodybuilders and other athletes, including a workout that will keep your body moving A fun and simple introduction to the sport of sport chiropractics, including: the basics of chiropracting and a few tips for keeping your neck healthy A comprehensive training plan, including everything from the core to the upper back, including the essential core exercises, the core strength exercises, and the core stability exercises A list of common problems, such “lateral flexion,” “lung abduction,” and “back flexion” A guide to basic movement and exercise techniques, including many basic movements and exercises for the spine, shoulders, hips, and shoulders, the chest, arms, and legs A section on biomechanics and how the human body works, including how the body responds to motion and how to make sure your body is healthy An explanation of how sports work, including why they work and how you can improve them, including basic movement patterns, how to get stronger, and how different sports are different from each other A short overview of the medical terminology and some common exercises and exercises  A list of exercises that can be used to improve mobility and strengthen the spine  A quick overview of how the neck works, with exercises for lower back, hips and shoulders and for the neck and shoulders  A brief overview of neck health and how it affects your overall health, including neck pain, muscle soreness, and muscle tension A quick overview on how to use chiropractors’ techniques and treatments to improve overall health and wellbeing A brief summary of the many exercises and movements that can improve your balance, balance skills, and strength, and to help with coordination and posture  A short overview on a few of the most common causes of neck pain A complete set of exercises for strengthening the lower back and hips, including core exercises Some exercises for balance, including stability, spinal stability, hip and knee mobility, and spinal extension Some mobility exercises, including plank, barbell, and seated hip extension A basic list of some of your favorite chiropractically-related exercises  A number of videos for the Sledge, Sling, and Extra programs, including some of our favorite Sledge videos from the past year  For those of you who want to keep up on the latest news on Sling or Extra, the latest blog posts, and other health topics, we’ve included a link to the most recent NBSMA news. 

This program is a great opportunity to learn how to stay healthy, keep fit, and perform at your best.

So if you want to get in on the action, you can join the SLEEPERS, SPREAD THE WORD, or PUSH THE LINES mailing list at NBSMEDIA.com and get all of the latest. 

Enjoy your stay! Mariel

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