When I was pregnant, I was a little skeptical.

I didn’t really know how to explain the new world I was born into, or how to live with the constant feeling of being on a different planet than I’d ever known before.

I’d never seen a child in the womb.

I had never been pregnant.

I couldn’t get a job.

My boyfriend had no idea what I was going through.

I had no clue where I was, how to get there, or who I was.

I knew I was lucky.

My birth had taken place in the most beautiful country on Earth, in a beautiful country with the best culture I’d experienced in my life.

My new family was not only amazing, they were also amazing at what they did for me.

When I would go into labour, they’d rush me from hospital to hospital, and we would have a few hours where they would feed me, put me in a sling and help me nurse, and they would be there to take me to the car for a quick trip to the pub, or to the beach to have a picnic.

There were always things to do, things to see, and things to say.

The birth was so special, and I could barely wait to be back home.

But it didn’t happen.

My pregnancy was a complete failure.

I lost my baby, and now I’m back in hospital, alone and feeling alone.

My boyfriend and I were devastated, and he was devastated too.

The worst part was that I couldn’ t really talk to him about it.

I thought he’d come to the conclusion that I was doing it for his benefit, and that we were doing it to make him happy.

I don’t think he ever believed me, but I did believe myself.

I was so grateful for everything my new family had done for me, that I had a strong sense of self-worth.

My parents had helped me with everything, from my schooling to my job to my wardrobe, and it had been an incredible, amazing journey.

But my friends were worried about my new life.

They worried that I’d lose my boyfriend, and be back at home, alone, and feeling lonely.

I wanted to prove them wrong, so I tried to be positive.

I told myself that the world was wonderful and that I wasn’t alone, that everything was great and that my life was perfect.

I’m so happy I had the chance to experience it all.

I’ve found that when I am happy, I’m also happy.

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