In an article published by The Next-Web, an online publication that tracks the latest in baby technology, it’s been revealed that the new generation of babies are equipped with diapers that will be much easier to clean than ever before.

The article states that the diapers are designed to keep the newborns clean for the first month after birth.

They are also designed to prevent bacteria from building up in the diapers.

“The babies’ diapers will be made of polypropylene and lined with a soft, soft fabric that’s water resistant,” the article states.

“A special type of plastic is used to prevent water spots from forming in the diaper’s lining.

This material is water-resistant because it absorbs water without losing its shape.”

It’s not clear if the diapers will come in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials, or if they will be available in a single variety.

The diapers are expected to be available this year for about $25 each.

The article does not offer an official price for the diapers, but a Google search for “pandemic-free diapers” returns listings for $25 per diaper.

A review of for the brand indicated that the cheapest price for a single-size diaper was $23.50.

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