A house with a small, hidden bathroom can be a beautiful place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

But the problem is that the bathroom isn’t necessarily that small.

As the days and nights get shorter and shorter, the need for space becomes more pronounced.

This is where DIY can make a difference.

If you’re one of the many owners of a home that doesn’t have a big bathroom, you can turn that place into a home with a big, hidden, but unobtrusive bathroom.

In this post, I’m going to show you how you can do that and get some great results for yourself.

Let’s talk about what we’re going to do here.

First, let’s make a list of what we’ll be doing.

The list is very simple: I’m only going to be doing two things with this DIY project.

I’m not going to include anything from my regular decorating, so I’m really focusing on how to turn this DIY into something that you can enjoy every day.

What I’m doing is going to use the bathroom door as a guide to turn the room into a big closet.

So, I’ll start by creating a small doorway to the right of the bathroom, then add a small mirror.

Next, I’ve also added some small shelves for books and other items that I need to use in the bathroom.

I’ll add a door to the other side of the closet so that I can open it up.

Then, I just need to turn my bathroom into a huge closet.

Here’s how it’s going to look when finished: I’m going with a mirror so that you’ll see everything you need to see.

I also added a few shelves to the closet to help with storage.

Now that we have our doorway and closet open, we’re ready to start the actual work of turning the space into a bigger space.

You might have noticed that the doorway is the only thing we’re doing in this tutorial.

It’s just the part that’s visible.

This is because that’s where the bathroom is, and it’s the door.

Here’s what I’m thinking about.

I need a closet that will allow me to store things, like my favorite books and videos, so the closet needs to be large enough to store a lot of stuff.

I also need a bathroom that will be small enough for the things that I want to store in it, but still big enough to be easily accessible.

I want a closet to be visible, and to be able to easily be moved around, so that it can be quickly and easily changed.

I’ve already turned the bathroom into something like that, so now it’s time to turn it into a closet!

I’ve started by making a small closet.

I use the same closet I used to turn into a bathroom closet, and I’ve added a couple shelves to help support the books that I’m storing there.

I then added a door that allows me to open it.

As you can see, I added a shelf for books.

It will be easier to move these books around once they’re in the closet, but they’ll still be there for later when I need them.

Once I’ve made a small door and a closet door, I need something big enough that I could turn it from a closet into a spacious home that can be easily accessed.

To make the space large enough, I want the door to be at least 1.5 feet wide and 1.75 feet high.

This means that the door will have enough room for all of my books and magazines.

It also means that I’ll need a lot more space than just a small bathroom.

The space will need to be big enough for a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom.

I plan on having a big living room and a small bedroom in this space, so this room needs to have lots of room for more books and stuff.

And it needs to also have enough space for my clothes.

My goal is to have the space for everything in the house, including books, clothes, and so on.

So, I will add shelves for the shelves in the room.

These shelves will act as a ladder to help me access the room from all sides.

When I’m finished with the closet door and the closet doorway, I have a closet room that is big enough and small enough to hold my favorite things.

Now that I’ve done everything for the closet room, it’s ready to be used as a bedroom!

I’ll move my books to the side of this room and then open up the closet.

Now, you may have noticed I’ve turned the closet into an easy-access room.

This isn’t a big deal because you can just take your clothes and go.

But if you have a problem with the way that I have stored my clothes, I recommend that you make a note of that

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