How to have the “courage” to go for a hike, take a ride on the subway, or just be a little curious in the office.

We asked the writers behind the C4P lifestyle stories, including Katie Hopkins and Anna Wintour, for advice on the “most” and “least” ways to go about getting into the office and making the most of your time there. 

Katie Hopkins How to get into the workplace without getting your “self-esteem back”Katie’s article was an obvious “must-read” on how to do just that.

Katie went on to say that you can find a way to be “unselfconscious” in the workplace while also “giving the boss a break” so that you’re able to “engage with your colleagues more, engage in conversation more, and enjoy yourself more.”

Anna Wintours How “femme” is sexy in the “modern workplace”Anna’s article is a must-read for everyone who is thinking of getting into a career in the tech space.

Anna has the perfect advice on how you can be a confident femme in the modern workplace: dress appropriately.

“It’s about not wearing jeans and T-shirts.

It’s about being comfortable, with your hair pulled back, your skin glowing, and you have a sense of your own style,” Anna said.

This advice can be applied to almost any situation in the workforce.

It’s all about finding your own “authentic femme style” Anna also said that the “right outfit” will make a difference when it comes to the way you approach work, and that “women can dress differently than men” and still “have a job.”

What does it mean to be feminine in the 21st century?

In this week’s episode of the C3P podcast, Katie Hopkins asked whether or not there is a “feminine” way to dress in today’s world.

Her answer: “It’s really not, it’s just a matter of whether or a certain piece of clothing is in your size.

So if you’re wearing a jacket or a dress shirt, if it’s a size small, if you don’t have a bra or you’re not wearing a top or a skirt, it doesn’t mean you’re feminine.

It just means you’re a little bit out of step with the fashion world.”

Katie and Anna went on the show to talk about their experiences in the digital age and what it’s like to be female in a modern workplace.

Watch the full episode here

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