B.C.’s premier magazine will soon publish a book called Ghostly: A True Story of My Life with Ghostly Magazine founder and publisher Laura Schmitt.

The book is scheduled for a 2018 release in the B.L. and E.

L and will feature the story of Schmitt’s experience growing up in the ghostly lifestyle.

The publication of the book is an important step for Schmitt and the magazine, which she started in 2017 after graduating from a graduate program in journalism.

“We’ve had a lot of success over the years with our work with celebrities, but we also want to build a brand that people can connect with,” said Schmitt, who will be writing a book for the first time about her life with Ghosty Magazine.

“My goal was to share the story with the world, and I think people can relate to that.”

The book will be about a family in the 1970s who owned a mansion and lived in a haunted house with ghost stories, ghosts and hauntings that included “cannibalism, rape and murder.”

Schmitt’s story was a key part of a 2015 story by the Vancouver Sun that chronicled the history of the ghost town of Cascadia, the ghost city of Vancouver that was first named after a local legend.

The Ghostly story is a ghostly tale that was told over and over again, with different ghost stories that lived in the same house.

“It was really just a lot about finding the right time and place for this story,” said Shmitt.

“The book was a story about the house, the house was the story, the hauntings were the story.”

The ghost stories in Ghostly are based on Schmitts experiences growing up as a child and as an adult.

“I grew up with stories about the ghosts in the house and I’d hear them from my grandfathers stories, and my father’s stories, my grandmothers stories,” said the book’s author.

“So it was just a very simple way to tell that story.”

Ghostly magazine is not an organization that publishes ghost stories or paranormal activity.

It is a magazine focused on paranormal activity and ghost stories.

“There’s a lot more people who have lived in this world who are paranormal, and we really want to focus on them,” said Marci McVey, editor in chief of Ghostly.

McVey said there’s a certain type of ghost that will appear in ghost stories and haunt up, and Ghostly will focus on that.

“In terms of our ghost stories we have a whole section dedicated to that,” she said.

Mcvey said Ghostly is aiming to publish a magazine in the fall and the book will come out in the spring.

She said they’re aiming for the spring, but it will take time for the publishing process to go through.

“This is going to be a book that we can all read and enjoy.

It’s going to have a real impact on people’s lives, and it’s a fun, fun book,” said McVay.

The magazine has about 20 people who live in the Vancouver area and will be able to access the book and Schmitt on its website.

The ghost story of Ghoster is the latest chapter in a series of ghost stories for Schipp, who also wrote and co-wrote a book about a former child soldier that was published in the late 1970s.

“They were just doing what we were doing at the time, and the whole country was in a frenzy about what they were doing and they got all kinds of attention.

It was really great, but I think it was kind of a dark period,” said former child soldiers author Laura Schmit, who grew up in Vancouver.”

Ghostly was a place where I had this weird, dark feeling.

It felt like I had a shadow in my house.

I had no idea what was happening.”

But then my mother started talking to me about it and I realized there was something really wrong.

“Her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer, but she had survived and was living with Schmitt at the house.

Her cancer was gone.

But the next year, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and the cancer spread to her lymph nodes and her liver.

She died in the early 2000s.

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